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Maggie Rapuano, born in White Plains / New York, is a contemporary experimental artist living and working in Bremen, Germany. Her work explores the energy of contact and the transaction of feelings and experiences between the viewer and her pieces. Creating art is Maggie‘s approach to the pivotal questions of life – trying to find joy in the cracks of a suffocating society, breaking the emergency glass so that we can actually view a world otherwise subconsciously lived. Offering a glimpse into a life hidden away under expectations, fear and numbing routines. Inspired by artists like Louise Bourgeois, Sophie Calle and her formative years in the punk music scene, Maggie started confronting anxieties, experiences and life choices through art.


Her work is delicate yet powerful, resembling theater stages and windows into a different reality. A new perspective / introspective. Maggie creates with objects, paint, found materials and uses size as a field of tension, sometimes forcing the viewer to get up close, getting intimate with the piece and with the self. 

Maggie's work is part of permanent collections in Germany and the United States and has participated in exhibitions internationally. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts at California College of Arts in Oakland, she has traveled the globe living in Germany and Scotland ultimately building her base in Bremen, Germany.