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Nach Vorne / the Vortex  2019
One String intertwined  over 3 floors.


Telephone for you! 2019

Bamboo, String, Glue​, Paper Cup

Three floors long

Wishes 2018

1000 Paper Airplanes

Paper, cloth, glue, ink

180cm x 80cm​

From Jan 2017 – Jan 2018 I collected 1000 wishes: various strangers all over Germany wrote down something hoped for or something needed to let go of. They were told they would remain secret. In gluing them together you can see respect for others and our wishes no matter how different they are, are the same in that they are all about hope.


Documention & Links to films for the exhibition "I Playou / Don't be pretty unless you can be odd" a collaboration with Claudia Medeiros

Moving USA (Installation) 2017

6 Texts Typed with 1968 Olympia Typewriter

Film on a laptop computer, 12 Minutes long of the artist typing the texts. >See Film excerpt<


Excerpts from On The Road - by Jack Kerouac, Oh The Places You'll Go - by Dr. Suess, On Being White....and Other Lies - by James Baldwin, Let America Be America Again - by Langston Hughes, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (poem) - by Maya Angelou, A Bronzeville Mother Loiters In Mississippi. Meanwhile, A Mississippi Mother Burns Bacon - by Gwendolyn Brooks

I Playou / Don't Be Pretty Unless You Can Be Odd 2017

This was a project / an experiment. With the information the visitors provided, I built a wall piece during the week of the show. This piece was only able to exist due to their contribution. I created the visual parameters for the work, but the form ultimately was created from the input of the people involved - Where they had been and what they were willing to share, within this frame work became the foundation for these objects.

The installation / Room feeling was like a governmental office. In the background was the clicking of me typing on a typewriter. The Visitors saw the table in the middle of the room. They sat down and contemplated where they had been and filled out the form and placed a hand print on it. There were bags provided with which they placed the form and any random object on their person. 


Questions that arose: How easily are people willing to give out such private information even if it is anonymous? How far have we all traveled and the people around us? 


I took the information of where they had lived throughout their lives and on the opposite wall created a string map (Living Vectors). Every city had a nail and every string stood for the movement of their life. The combination of those who were willing to give me this information created an individual form. 

Men were represented with grey string, women with black string and no comment or gender neutral with white string.

Contemporary Art

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