Dreams for Sale 2018

100 Paper Airplanes, Acrylic

65cm x 65cm

Unsung Heros 2018

Stolen Paper Bags from a Prominent Grocery Chain

150cm x 180cm​

Illusion  2018

Found Frames

200cm x 80cm 


contemporary art

working class heros  2018

Yarn, hammer, box of nails and scissors 

2cm x 1cm x 1cm



Ophelia's Madness  2018

Silver, Human Hair

3mm  x 32cm 

Every action has an equal & opposite reaction - Newton's 3rd Law  2018

Flies at both ends, Silver Chain 

(Length is the artists height) 166cm x 4mm 

In the collection of Wolfgan Hainke

The Big Sleep / USA  2018

Copper, Acrylic, Honey Bee

2cm x 1cm x 1cm


An affair never to forget  2018

Paper airplanes, Human Hair (of the artist)

30cm x 5mm x 5cm


unschuld soap.jpeg

Matthew 27:24  2020

Soap, Nails

6cm x 9mm x 2.5cm