Series: NASA in Love  Description below

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finding mr right detail.jpg


Orbital Period Equation, or Finding Mr. Right 2020 

16cm x 56cm

Paper, Pencil, Pen, Ink, Tape

Actio et Reactio / I finally said how I feel 

30cm x 40cm

Paper, Pencil, Pen, Ink, Tape, water-color



A new start 2020

30cm x 40cm

Paper, Pen

The sum of two parts 2020

16cm x 16cm

Paper, Pencil, Pen, Ink, water-color

Based on Apollo 11 moon landing Map & Notes from Isaac Newton

They met in a bar 2020

30cm x 40cm

Paper, Pen, wax

Based on Apollo 11 moon landing Map

Once upon a time... 2020

40cm x 30cm

Paper, Pencil, Pen, Wax pen

Based on Apollo 11 moon landing Map

Contemporary Art

Since I was small, I wanted to be an astronaut. Because my grades were never good enough, I fell into dreaming about it. The documentary film "Apollo 11" released in 2019 let me finally feel as if I were there. I brought my parents with me... I saw it twice. I brought my mother to the first showing – she fell asleep. Two weeks later I went with my father – he fell asleep too. For me it was as if it was all happening in real time. I dragged my nephew along and he knew: "It's like I was there!"

This started the journey of going through 100s of images from the Apollo missions. Thereafter, I started to look at Quantum Physics, Newtons Laws of motion and it just rolled on and on. Art and Science (one mathamatician said that math at that level is like doing art with a straight jacket on). 

Science and Art... science and love... NASA in Love.

Self discovery – External discovery becoming internal discovery. It's a series I am still immersed in. A discovery / study of science and art / relationship of art and math / Math and love. 

Below are a few examples of images that have influenced this project.  

© 2020 Maggie Rapuano